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Ages 8-12 yrs - Sundays 6pm - 10 Week Program. 

Do you remember playing baseball with your friends at the park? Maybe you used a tennis ball and that old bat your dad had lying around in the garage. That was Sandlot Baseball. You even made up the rules cause you were only playing with 5 or 6 kids. You learned the fundamentals by playing around. Well, join us this January for our 10 week Baseball Sandlot Clinic. Tailored for children ages 8-12 years old, who are relatively new to the game. This clinic will feature The Warehouse Coaching staff from Frostbite Baseball. Coach Jeffrey and Coach Michael and possibly some guest coaches will help your budding baseball hero to find their strengths while playing games developed to guide them to master the movements needed to be a baseball all-star. Sessions will encompass our smaller group training methods which provides needed 1-1 trainer time. For maximum engagement this clinic is limited to a max 10 participants per two instructors. (5/1 Ratio).

This program will offer fun learning experiences of the game of baseball through drills and interactive games. The curriculum will focus on improving the fundamentals of the game and teaching players new skills, with plenty of time to go off book and examine any part of the game which participants may want to explore.  We believe in strong communication on and off the field so are asking that each player also bring some ideas with them of things they want to cover over the 10 weeks. Your amateur athlete will improve in the following areas: - Hitting stance and body movement - Throwing, focusing on mechanics and arm care - Fielding, defensive positioning and game strategies - Balance and posture - why it's important and how it helps you stay strong - The mental side of the game, being prepared, playing with ice in your veins.

10 Week Clinic, 2 Hour Sessions on Sundays.
DATES: Begins Jan 21 and runs for 10 consecutive weeks.
TIME: 6pm to 8pm on Sundays for 10 weeks. 
PRICE: $450 + hst ($517.50 After Tax).

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