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March 11th to 15th 2024 Clinic


Baseball U11 Program /  9:00am -11:00am Monday to Friday.

Baseball U13 Program / 1:00pm - 3:00pm Monday to Friday.


  • Dynamic warmup + band warmup

  • Throwing program - technique drills to build base, move into long toss into net, finish with accuracy to partner. 

  • Split into 2 groups (hitting and pitching)

  • Hitting groups will do a combination of stations. Tee work drills, front toss drills, and hitting mechanics (loading, timing, and the swing itself)

  • Pitching groups will have delivery work (balance/load drills, arm path, and finish with accuracy competition to a catcher)

  • Fielding drills/ground ball practice (competitions, throwing accuracy, fielding competition).

Jaden Griffin - Meet Jaden Griffin, a Nova Scotian whose baseball journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Beginning with standout performances on the 15u and 17u provincial teams, Jaden quickly ascended to the 18u Canadian Junior National Team at just 15 years old, where he won a bronze medal at the PanAm World Qualifier in 2018.  Relocating to Alberta in 11th grade, he honed his skills at the renowned Vauxhall Academy of Baseball, setting the stage for a stellar high school career.

Post-graduation, Jaden brought his talents to Virginia Commonwealth University, contributing significantly to the team's success. Over four remarkable years, VCU clinched two consecutive conference championships, showcasing Jaden's unwavering dedication and passion for the game. His journey stands as a testament to a remarkable ascent from provincial play to Division 1 success. Jaden is super excited to be the host of the Warehouse March Break baseball camp  

Ryan Fitzgerald - Meet Ryan Fitzgerald, a valuable member of our The Warehouse staff with a rich background in baseball. Ryan's journey in the sport is marked by his early involvement as a key member of baseball NS teams and his recruitment for university baseball, showcasing both his skill and dedication to the game. As a current active participant in the baseball community, Ryan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his role as an excellent instructor. His passion for the game is evident, making him a valuable asset to our team and a source of inspiration for those looking to hone their skills in this year's baseball program.


$230.00, HST included, per player

Max 10 players per age group.

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