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Hello Warehouse Parents and Guardians,

We are VERY excited to have your child join in the fun this summer and we are looking forward to meeting you all. Our camp format offers children the chance to play different recreational sports each day of the week along with many games and activities. Your child will be introduced to a variety of sports and fun activities such as Baseball, Lacrosse, Road Hockey, Soccer, Hiking, Geocaching, GaGa Ball, Disc Golf, Splash Park, Flag Football… and much more! We will be using a combination of our Facility, the Met Field, the First Lake Trails and other surrounding outdoor recreational areas to create this unique experience.

Our camps are led by enthusiastic, active and qualified leaders who love the outdoors. Our mission is to create a welcoming environment that ensures all children are actively engaged, motivated and having fun! 

Camp Leaders Contact Number - The Camp Leaders will have a mobile phone with them at all times. If you need to contact the staff for pickup & drop off changes, or during camp hours please do so. The camp cell number is 782-321-9954. This phone number is active during July and August each year - Please copy and save this in your phone. For any other inquiries please contact the camp manager at 

Administration, General Inquiries, Payables and all other info - can be submitted to

Drop off and Pick Up Details: 

  • Drop off between 8:00am & 9:00am. 

  • Pick-up before 5:00pm. 

  • At pick-up and drop off we ask that parents remain in our pickup zone and do not roam the facility. 

A short list of must haves for the camp each day: 

  • Water bottle / with name label. 

  • Lunch each day. 

  • Snacks / enough for 3 snack breaks per day. 

  • Spray sunscreen. 

  • Hat & layers for colder days. 

  • Indoor & outdoor footwear & Rain coat.

Due to the diverse dietary needs of our camp participants, snacks and lunch are not provided. Please be sure that you pack lots of food and snacks for your child. If you have no option but to leave money with your child for lunch, then please ensure that there is a note left as to what you would like for them to purchase for lunch. 

Important: We understand that some parents allow their children to carry a phone with them. We ask that all cell phones stay in the child’s bag and be used during free time only. Phones are to be used only as a line of communication with the parents, not for entertainment or social media usage. This will help us ensure the child’s active engagement in the activities and ensure the phone is left in bags for safety. Please discuss this with your child in advance to joining the camp.

Below is a sample of our daily activity schedule. Our team will fill-in the activities and sports based on the weather and total attendance each day of the week.    

Thank you, 

Stay Active, Stay Healthy.

Summer Camp FAQ: About
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